I write for organisations and individuals who are making our world a better place.

Many businesses will do anything for a quick buck. They sacrifice quality and fair wages, pursue environmentally questionable practices and use weasel words to market something unsustainable.

I choose jobs based on key ethical principles and sleep well knowing that every word I write is empowering a positive future.

Environmental Ethics

I support genuine efforts to improve our environment by writing intelligent and informative copy — without the spin. Hire me to get your message heard above the greenwash.

Social Ethics

I support social justice and write empowering and articulate copy for a global equitable society. Hire me to inspire social change in the world.

Economic Ethics

I support economic responsibility and write balanced and transparent copy supporting products and services inherently beneficial to the buyer, the seller, the worker and the environment. Hire me to showcase how corporate responsibility benefits all involved.

 If you have a product, service or message that can make the world a better place, hire an ethical writer to create the words you need.





Images Credits: Ethical, local, naturally dyed clothing courtesy of Nicolás Boullosa via Flicka



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