Paint the Town Green

Auro Amazing

Auro are exacting in their standards, making the cleanest, greenest paints and finishes I have come across. Not only are they the world leaders in professional natural paints, they are a company with integrity, funding research to continually bring quality products to the market while supporting an in house culture of environmental stewardship and outstanding customer service. They’ve even been awarded the Ethical Consumer Magazine’s Best Buy Label.

Natural paints – Good for you and the environment

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the nasties that are part of the mainstream petro-chemical production of paints and finishes. They are known to be bad for our health because they off-gas toxic molecules into the air, and yet we use these paints, glues and resins everywhere. While our families are sleeping, these chemicals are constantly being inhaled. Even when we are in the workplace, VOCs surround us. In society’s rush for cheap mass produced materials, big brand names have been filling our spaces with chemicals that are costly to our health and taxing on our environment. A positive trend of increasing awareness about VOCs have forced companies to reduce these chemicals and comply with low VOC labelling standards. This is great. But wouldn’t it be better to just do without these nasty chemicals all together? Auro have done just that. They have certified no VOC products because of their dedication to ethical standards of production and use. Auro have a catalogue of products that will make you breathe easy knowing your family is safe.

Rainbow Fantastic

Being environmentally friendly and safe for our health are great benefits for products that are always with us, when we work. Auro also have you covered with a broad selection of colour palettes and textures for the most descerning interior designers.

Natural Builders Dream

Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs fame and his eco building consortium, Haboakus, develop sustainable living opportunities and seek on the best suppliers for their projects. Auro was specially chosen for the Applewood development which transformed the former Cashes Green Hospital into environmentally and socially sustainable housing. For Applewood, Haboakus used Auro 321 natural resin wall paint which is VOC free and certified ‘medically recommended for lodgings’. Auro products are supplied to natural building projects across the United Kingdom. Check out their favoured stockists here.

Full Disclosure

Auro is a rare company that walks the walk on all ethical issues they encounter. They have a culture of full transparency: declaring every ingredient on product labels; providing certification on all products and their source materials; buying all equipment and ingredients from local suppliers as much as possible; and to top it of with a vibrant gloss, their production facility is carbon neutral.

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Phone 01452 772020 (United Kingdom +44)


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