Green Pioneers of Plastic Toy Production

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Green Toys Make You Feel Good

Ever bought a toy for a kid and felt bad about all of the plastics involved? Ever wondered about the conditions for people working in the factories that made it? We want to buy products for our children that are not destroying the planet and short changing hard workers. In today’s mass produced world of toys, buying a product to give with one hand is inadvertently taking away with the other.

Green Toys have solved this problem for you. Each of their products is created from recycled plastics and is made in the USA, where Green Toys pay fare wages for quality workmanship.

Green Toys BannerEnvironmentally Friendly & Socially Responsible

Green Toys was founded by Robert von Goeben and Laurie Hyman in 2007 with the vision to provide environmentally friendly and socially responsible toys made in the USA. They use recycled food grade plastics from milk containers for their toys which contain no BPA, phthalates, PVC or melamine. Makes you wonder about your toy boxes at home full of plastics of unknown origin. Green Toys bring you an assurance of quality the other manufacturers won’t.

All the Way to the OceanEthical Supply Chain with Rigorous Standards

California is Green Toys’ base of operations and they source their plastics from local curb-side collections. Each phase of the enterprise is centrally located; from toy design to manufacture, assembly to distribution. This gives Green Toys total control of production and allows them to observe rigorous standards for their quality toys, ensuring better workplace safety and improved conditions of work for their dedicated staff. Not only that; it saves energy and reduces their carbon footprint.

How safe are Green Toys?

In addition to all of the above, Green Toys are designed without external coatings so children won’t be exposed to toxic residues from worn paint or laminates. The colours are part of the plastic itself. They comply with international and local safety standards including ASTM F963, EN-71, ISO 8124, and Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). They also meet FDA requirements for food contact and are dishwasher safe.

Green Eats BannerLoads of Toys and Tableware Too

Check out Green Toys website for their full catalogue of creations.

Make the next toy you buy a green one.

Follow the link below to a list of retailers who stock Green Toys.

Retailers list


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