Urban Greening – French Aesthetics Bring Renewable Energy Back to Nature

L-Arbre-Vent_wideNew Wind for Design Innovation

French renewable energy firm New Wind have scaled down wind powered electricity generation to better compliment a more natural way of living. The innovative tree design of their new breed of generators fits into an urban environment without creating aesthetic objections or urban planning conundrums sometimes brought about by industrial scale wind generation.

L-Arbre-Vent_ART80_reduit319pxArbre à Vent®

Imagine one of these ‘trees’ in you backyard. Check out one in action here. One can power a home for a family of four. Imagine one on in the middle of a round about, powering the streetlights. Imagine one in a local park or open air shopping mall, powering a wi-fi network or in a carpark offering an electric car charging top up.

Engineering Masterpiece

The magic of the design is not just that it looks pretty. Creating a valuable utility that looks like a piece of art is just scratching the surface of New Winds use of technology. Each tree is actually made of 72 silent Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs). This turbine design catches wind from all directions and can make use of lower wind speeds. This is perfect for urban areas where the wind direction and speed is chaotic due to all the structures we build around us. Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWTs) like we see on hillsides or towering above open stretches are more suited to constant winds of higher velocity.


Just the BeginningAeroleaf®

New wind has all sorts of designs on the books to bring wind generation to a human level and seamlessly incorporate it into our urban environments. Aeroleaf® kits are a scalable innovation making the technology more accessible to all markets. New wind envision smaller ‘bush style’ designs and kits for roof tops, balconies and roadsides.

Find out more

New Wind have a handy PDF presentation in English here.

Contact them here for any updates on their projects.

Julia Revuz, PhDJulia Revuz

I had the opportunity to speak with Julia Revuz from New Wind. She’s extremely busy working on the roll out of Aeroleaf® and Arbre à Vent®, but I was lucky enough to pinch a bit of her time.

You’re the aerolic engineer for New Wind. Can you tell us what you do and what makes New Wind special?

I try to better understand and optimize the aerodynamics of the wind turbine developed at NewWind: the Aeroleaf. We also work on the interactions of multiple Aeroleaf wakes.
We do experiments, and also lots of modeling with CFD code.
New Wind is special because we have combined two important ideas to great effect. Firstly, we have developed a high performance micro wind turbine. Secondly we have engineered a platform that uses multiple turbines to great effect.

New Wind has received enormous praise and support for the Arbre à Vent® in France. How has it been received overseas? Do you have plans to market your products elsewhere? I’d love to see these popping up everywhere.

The arbre à Vent has also received very good praise from overseas. In fact, we plan to launch sales overseas in 2017.
The Arbre à Vent® is the most artistically pleasing VAWT system I have seen. Tell us about the design design vs functionality? Does the Arbre à Vent® have a perfect balance?

The Arbre à vent is a compromise between functionality and biomorphic considerations. In order to achieve the perfect balance for the Arbre à Vent, our technical team work very closely with the design team.

Can you tell us about the future of wind based renewables?

We think the future of the urban wind energy is very positive for lots of reasons. Auxiliary energy or energy in isolated locations is in demand today, and will still be needed in the future. There’s a lot of room in the marketplace innovative solutions like those New Wind has developed. Our projects are an important chapter in the evolving story of renewable energy.


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