Old World Tech in Dubrovnik (Hrvatska)

IMG_0344On Srđ Mountain, high above the fortress walls of Dubrovnik, an artisan markets a taste of the old world rarely seen. A cable car ferries his target market up the steep slopes to the look out, memorial and museum. Hundreds of tourists take in the spectacular view every day; among them are people looking for a token of Dubrovnik that speaks of its heritage and its fortitude through a turbulent history.

The artisan brings a sledge hammer crashing down upon a press, drawing the crowds’ attention to his stall. He disengages the die and I witness the birth of a freshly minted coin, bearing the mark of the Dubrovnik Republic (1385-1808) on one side and Navigare Necesse Est (To Sail is Necessary) on the other. I couldn’t resist – my wallet was out before I could exhale. I’m a sucker for old world tech and politics. This was a perfect momento of my time in Dubrovnik, seeing the strength of the old world live on in the present.

I had one thought as I ran my fingers over the replica of the past — this guy needs a simple website to reach more of his target market; the folk who didn’t happen to ascend Srđ Mountain.



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